Keep Love, Peace & Joy Going After January 1


Mary Magdalene’s message today deals with the Love, Peace and Joy for mankind we profess during the Christmas season and then forget about it after January 1.  Why would you build it up — Love, Peace and Joy and then let it go after the season has passed. We need to carry it forth year round for everyone.  Mary Magdalene is the wife of Jesus so she has a connection to the first Christmas her opinion should be respected we think. So after the holidays are over keep the Love, Peace and Joy toward mankind going!

And this is According To Mary!




The Wife of Jesus Says Don’t Stress Out Trying To Make A Perfect Holiday It’s A Lie The Media Sold Us


Mary’s message today deals with the forced everything of the season of Christmas making people feel that they have to have the perfect gift, meal, or event. Take the pressure off says Mary.  Trying to have the perfect everything actual causes more stress in your life.  Mary doesn’t want you to feel pressure at all. So relax and don’t worry about creating the perfect Christmas it is a lie media has sold us. Ignore the commercials and just do what you can. It is not worth stress.  This is Mary’s message. Mary has a connection to the first Christmas. She was married to Jesus  so I think we need to value her opinion. She wants you to relax and not create more stress in your life.

And this is According to Mary!

Winter Therapy


Mary’s message today is about even though it is getting cold outside you still need to get out and embrace nature. Nature is very healing,. We are all part of Mother Nature. Even  when the seasons change  we still need to bundle up and go for walks  in the woods or along the beach.  We are made of her so she can heal us just by being in her. Think how good you feel after a walk in your local  park or  on a beach.  Being in Mother Nature raises your vibration so you feel happier. Scott and I didn’t get out this weekend and I feel it myself today. We had to stay inside and clear out my basement for a contractor coming to my house to do some work. (That is why this message is a day late too. So sorry.)

And this is According To Mary!

Natural Ways To Cope This Winter


Mary’s message today is for  those of us now dealing with Winter. Shorter days mean less daylight.  We are more susceptible to depression.  Embrace the Sunshine if you can.  Scott and I make sure we get out on every sunny Winter day on the weekend and go for beautiful Winter walks.    We even open the car sunroof and just enjoy the feel of the sunny day.  Sometimes we will add Beach Boy music or summer themed songs and  sing along.  The Sun makes you feel alive again.  Walking not only keeps us healthy but mentally stable too.  We walk in any weather just dress appropriately for it. When you exercise your body releases endorphins which are a feel good hormone and helps keep you happy  in the Winter. If getting outside is impossible because of the cold or too much snow I have a portable day lamp for Seasonal Afftective  Disorder  which I pull out and we stand in front of for a short amount of time.  It helps elevate your mood naturally.  We put on good music or I  play an instrument while we stand there to help make time pass. We also  watch  only funny movies and sitcoms. A good belly roll heals everything. That has been documented over the years. Dramas do not put you in a higher vibration. Another thing we do is eat very healthy lots of veggies and fruits.  Stay away from junk food it is filled with preservatives, sugar, bad fats and GMO’s. I know from experience eating junk food does not elevate your mood. If you must have chocolate  look for a high  percentage cocoa find quality brand made from real ingredients  not chemicals.

And this is According To Mary!

Keep It Natural This Winter


It’s hard to believe but it is almost  Winter.    Mary’s message today is all about the upcoming flu season.  She wants to remind us to eat healthy, reduce stress and do natural remedies instead of pharmaceuticals.  Eating healthy is very important. Our favourite site is Dr.  Mercola (   He has great knowledge about basic nutrition and how to treat  ailments with natural remedies.    Even when it gets   cold here we still get outdoors to embrace Mother Nature.  We love to walk in the woods or along the beach and  this  certainly keeps us healthy reducing stress too.   Scott and I have never had the flu shot and have seen so many people sicker  than when they started in our opinion . Our favourite natural treatment is Oil of  Oregano diluted in olive oil.  It kills a lot of bugs. We buy it at a health food store. They can give you the info on the dosage. And if you are taking  certain pharmaceuticals  you need to talk with   the health food  store staff whether you can safely take it with your prescription.  Raw garlic is another favourite we take to kill bugs.  We chop up one clove  in the morning and one clove  in the evening for no more than one day or two. (Too much garlic can be toxic.)  Heated garlic does not work it must be raw.   We explain we just had Caesar Salad to explain our breath. And have you ever heard of Aerobic Oxygen? It is liquid oxygen you put into your water and then drink.  It can kill bugs too.  We keep it in our medicine cabinet too.  It does  not  mix with certain pharmaceuticals  so talk to the health food store  as to whether  or not you can take it  safely with your prescription.

And this is According to Mary!

Music Connects To Our Heart


One of my earliest memories is of me playing the piano. I had the gift of a mother who started me on the piano at 6 because music was something she enjoyed. Then in school I had several opportunities to play an instrument and sing in choirs.  It was the days before budget cutbacks. I rarely refused any.  I  didn’t know it  back then  but I was connecting to my heart and  healing myself by making music. I had a difficult childhood and music  healed me.  Mary’s message today is music allows us to connect to our hearts healing us and raising our vibration. Make sure you seek out only positive vibration music. Not all music is created equally.  Some is purposely created with a low vibration to keep us down. The internet has lots of stories on that subject.  Scott and I listen to Classical, Fiddle and enjoy freedom songs of the 70’s. Or  make your own music by learning  to play an instrument or singing.  I am teaching Scott to play an instrument for his 50th Birthday. He cannot believe how much fun it is and time stands still!

And this is According to Mary!

Heal Our Waters


What are you putting into our waters? Mary’s  message today is asking you to think about what chemicals and wastes you are putting into our oceans, lakes and streams.  Mother Nature has become a dumping ground for toxic chemicals, garbage and untreated waste.  This is going to affect us all.  We are part of mother nature living on this planet we call earth. The Native  people know this and have always protected her.  So don’t kid yourself you are affecting us all by polluting our waters.  Stop polluting our ocean, lakes and streams and we will heal our earth together.

And this is According to Mary!