With Love Comes Healing

According to Mary

Our Journal

Hi it’s Scott again…on March 11th, Mary continued with her Ascension message.  Again I was with the love of my life, holding each other’s hands…putting ourselves in a peaceful place to channel Mary…this time my vision was of a mountain…and I saw people all over the mountain…actually it was more like their souls, or their energy…and these souls were all in different locations…at different levels…letting me know that as we make our journey we are all at different levels of our ascension.  Again Mary’s message was of love, and the impact of love on our health, our well-being, and of our spirituality…I could see millions of souls ascending…the number 65 million came to me…it was a glorious amount of energy…very peaceful…very beautiful…and very healing…and what seemed to enhance the healing was love…Mary wanted us to know that love is more healing than we think…it strengthens each other…it sooths and comforts the people we love…we benefit immensely by sharing our love with each other…imagine what could happen collectively!

…and this is according to Mary.

As you can tell the messages that we are receiving from Mary seem to be have a common theme.  I invite you to comment, share, or question.  I found the number of souls that I saw on the mountain to be of particular interest.  I’m sure she will share the significance at some point, but if you have any thoughts I’d be interested in hearing them.

..…to be continued….

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