Don’t Under Estimate the Power of Touch

The Healing Power of Touch

My next vision came on April 4th.  Again, we sat down in the sun room and surrounded ourselves with quiet and peace.  We turned on our fountain for our water connection…holding hands, we let ourselves go…clearing our minds…drifting…opening our connection to Mary… it wasn’t long before she communicated with us…It was a short and simple message… simple yet beautiful.

I saw a hand.  It was pure white…Illuminated… as if I was looking at a brilliant star, or planet in the nights sky.

It was Mary’s hand, and she told me not to underestimate the power of touch. How it can connect two people…how it can help in the healing process…how it can allow two people to communicate without speaking…how you can share your love and your thoughts of love through something as simple as your touch.

I found the message even more amazing since I was holding my partner’s hand at the time…I know there are days where I am feeling stressed… days when I’m feeling disconnected from the universe…days when I’m doubting my self worth, or purpose in life…days when I’m feeling pain, or sadness….these are the days where her touch means so much…a simple holding of my hand…and the healing begins.

And this is according to Mary.

Mary would love to hear your thoughts.  Feel free to comment, or ask questions.  That’s what we are here for:-)

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