Healed with a Kiss

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a fabulous weekend.  Mary’s next message was short and sweet… and by sweet I mean the subject matter.

This message came to me on April 10th, while sitting in the sunroom with our tiny fountain trickling in the background…connecting us to water…and we were connecting with each other by holding hands.  I guess it was no accident that Mary’s last message had to do with the healing power of touch.  I find my best connections with Mary happen when I’m holding hand with the love of my life. This time the message was the power of a kiss.  The image was quick and simple, an image of a kiss…a kiss with the intention of love contains healing properties…it can be as simple as a kiss on the check, or forehead.  Any kiss really, as long as the intention is to convey love, convey warmth, or convey caring.    A kiss is a beautiful way to make a connection, and keep a connection between two people. It is a pure and beautiful way to express your feelings, your love, and to help help the person you love heal.

And this is According to Mary.

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