The Sun is Love

It was another beautiful morning on April 15 when we sat down once again to channel Mary Magdalene. The love of my life (who I will call “C”) held my hand…we listened to the trickling sounds of our fountain…clearing our minds…putting ourselves in a relaxed state…we began to drift…and we connected with Mary!

She provided me with an image and a message…the image this time was that of the Sun…and the message “The Sun is love”.  She wanted to convey the message that there is healing properties that come from the sun…something most of us know already, but sometimes forget.  If you are feeling sad or depressed, or if your thoughts are consumed with the lessons you are currently learning, take some time to embrace the suns healing energy…yes good old vitamin D…of course it’s more than the nutrients we receive from the sun, it’s that the sun can raise your vibrations.

Think about how the Sun makes you feel, think about the warmth it provides, think about how it lifts your spirits and helps reduce your stress…think about how you feel when it is not around…it’s pretty powerful don’t you think?

Mary wanted to remind us, as individuals, that life isn’t perfect and we need to take those moments to embrace the healing energy of the sun…as couples enjoy the experience together…use that opportunity to grow closer and share with each other…hold each others hand…share a smile and a thoughtful glance…simply sharing the moment while being together in the sun…

…and this is according to Mary!

As always feel free to share, comment, or ask questions!


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