Find Your Spiritual Place

As I think about the next message from Mary Magdalene, I’m reminded of a saying from Wayne Dyer… “All things are possible”.

The next message that Mary relayed was during the same channeling session as “The Sun is Love” message.  The next image she sent was one of a planet…it had rings similar to Saturn…and as soon as she showed me the image of the planet she took me to a retreat…it was amazing, it was beautiful, and the colours were so incredibly vivid…it was like some type of Shangri-La…I saw a lake…the water was an intense yet soothing blue…and the vegetation was a deep, rich and vibrant green…I saw habitats that seemed to be made out of natural and earthy materials (there were dome shaped) that were built around the lake…they all seemed uniformed in their construction and evenly spaced around the lake…and it was a community of individuals, or souls…all participating in the retreat…some were inside the structures, others outside…there were small fires burning as individuals gathered…some were  moving from structure to structure…they were there all very spiritual, peaceful and harmonious…it was as if Mary had taken me to a spiritual retreat…as I watched I could tell that those who were there where there to learn, to grow, to share with each other, to embrace each other’s thoughts, energy and love.  At the time I remember thinking it was such an amazing sight, but wasn’t 100% sure the meaning of the vision…except that I felt peace, love and my vibrations rising…the feeling I got from Mary was not to worry…that I’d figure it out:-)

So the message from Mary is…find that place…find that place in your mind…find that place in your heart…find that physical place by the ocean…that place by the lake…that place in the woods…on the mountain…in the valley…find these places that lift you…that bring you peace..that connects you with your source…that bring you love…and connect you with others, find that community out there that raises your spirits…lifts your vibrations…that will help take you to the next level in your healing…and love the journey!

…and this is according to Mary!!!

As always feel free to comment or ask questions.


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