The Beauty of Love

The next message from Mary Magdalene came to me on May 7th.  The message came in the form of sensations.

She basically filled all of my senses with the memories of when I first fell in love with “C”…I could feel the first time she took my hand…how the warmth of her touch melted my heart…how I could instantly feel the healing energy that flowed through her body, and how as soon as she touched me time seemed to stand still…how my mind and my heart instantly knew that her touch was something so incredibly special…how it seemed to put me into a trance…as it still does today.

Mary reminded me of the taste of her lips the first time we kissed…the sweetness…the gentleness…she reminded me of the gasp I took when I realized we had just experienced our first embrace.

Mary filled my senses with the aroma of when we first fell in love…the fragrance of her skin…the scent of her hair… to this day I cannot explain the beautiful bouquet that filled my senses…but it took me away and raised my vibrations.

The beautiful rhythmic sound of her voice…how it seemed to keep pace with my heart…it was like a song…and how I could wait to hear more…listening to her voice was so calming and peaceful…and lyrical…

And finally Mary filled my heart with the images that filled my mind’s eye…pure beauty…reminding me of when we would stare into each other’s eyes…the deep rich blueness of her eyes…the warmth…the passion…the love…the caring…the healing that came from all of it…

The message from Mary was simple…she wanted me to share this message…that love can raise your energy, raise your spirits…and help in your healing process…remember the little things…remember the simple things…and remember the beginning….don’t let the troubles of today discount the foundations of your love…don’t let the routine of today erase or neutralize the power of your love…remember it all, embrace it, and celebrate the love that you remember…because it is still with you!!!

And this is according to Mary.


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