The Layers of the Soul

On May 12 we were walking in nature looking for pictures to help us with our blog when Mary gave us another message to share.  This time it was an image of a painting  The Last Supper and Mary lifted it off and underneath was a completely different image. She was showing us a different level of beauty at this level. The image that was below was more complex and sophisticated. She was comparing surface beauty with inner beauty and the beauty of the heart and soul. The image below had little compartments highlighting the sophistication aspect. Each of the individual compartments would hold a new layer or level of beauty. She wants us to look at each individual person from this perspective. Each person has beauty on the surface but we need to see that inside of each of us there is a truly beautiful magnificent soul  with many, many layers to it– love,  compassion, joy, peace,  generosity, strength, inspiration, forgiveness, creativity,  gentleness and  wisdom just to name a few.  The list is endless!


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