Believe in the Journey

This message from Mary seems very timely for me at the moment.  This is the second message I received back on May 20th, but I find much more relevance in the meaning of the message now, as I am going through a somewhat stressful situation at the moment.  What Mary Magdalene showed me was a path…a winding, bending, meandering path which represents life…the journey we are all travelling.   At this point she took me on a journey, I could see myself travelling along this path, and then down into a tunnel…here I saw images…happy faces…and some not so happy…she showed me the beauty of nature…I could see oceans, and mountains, blue skies and stormy seas…she was showing me the path that we all follow in life…she was showing the highs, and the lows…she wanted to remind me that even during the low times (because I feel like I’m in a tunnel at the moment) in life that we still need to find the happiness and the beauty of the moment.  We are here to love one another, and share with one another. Even when we are down we must find it within ourselves to elevate ourselves…to continue to trust in the universe…the plan is still unfolding…it may not be what we thought it would be, but that doesn’t mean it still is not beautiful, and that the future will still be fulfilling, amazing and full of joy and unknown spender.

And this is according to Mary.

2 thoughts on “Believe in the Journey

    • Hi Brad, although we were both raised Christian, at this stage in our lives we tend to be open to all religions and consider ourselves children of the universe…and yes Mary is a Spirit.

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