Embrace the Light

The thing I love about messages from Mary is her positivity.

The next message was actually broken into two separate visions.  The first vision seemed like complete darkness…there seemed to be nothing there…all my mind and soul could see was the darkness you would see if you looked up at the sky at night and the stars refused to shine…yet as I struggled to see something in the darkness…anything…in the top left hand corner of my soul I could see a small light…a brief glimpse of hope…there was light coming through the darkness.  The next week as I reconnect with Mary she showed me the exact same vision, except this time the light was much more apparent…it was brighter…it was bigger and it was growing…and there was a warmth of love and beauty with the light!

The message Mary wanted me to convey is, even though there are times in your life that seem incredibly dark…and as you struggle through your pain…and you have given up hope, try to hang on…continue to believe… there is always light…do what you can to follow that light…it may not be the answer you were hoping for, or thinking that you should receive…life isn’t like that… but keep in mind you are still getting an answer…it may be a change in course…it may be the first steps in the next part of your journey…and with that will come a new day…another chance to heal…with new life and new love…and new beauty…allow your heart to open and embrace the love and beauty of your life!  Leave the darkness behind!  Continue to learn as you travel your journey!!!

…and this is according to Mary:-)

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