The Nature of Things



In Mary’s most recent message she started to show me numerous images…the first was a honeycomb…then a hawk…then Mary started to show me more industrial images such as machinery and computers…then she switched back to an image of fields and pastures…every time the images were more on the industrial side I started to feel anxiety and stress…but when she switched back to the images from nature I felt a calm and a peaceful feeling.

To me the message was very simple…Mary was telling us that we should not underestimate the power and beauty of nature and the connection we have with it.  It gives us strength…it calms us…it helps us think and connect with our higher selves…it help us connect with our source…there is so much beauty in nature…we should look to nature while we are on our journey…and if at all possible experience nature with our loved ones. Share those beautiful moments…enjoy the sounds…the sights…enjoy the colors…the smells…the feeling in the air…the light and glow that comes with being part of nature…embrace nature …and the one you love during these experiences!!!

And this is according to Mary…feel free to comment on some of your favorite nature experiences and locations!!!!!

3 thoughts on “The Nature of Things

  1. Totally agree! Mother Nature is my church and I spend as much time possible with her. I have also found recently that the simple act of enjoying her and all the living things is a sacred act of love. simple and yet very powerful. Thank you for posting this! ❤

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