The Healing Power of Water


Do you remember when you were a child?  At some point in time you probably remember seeing in a book, or maybe in a cartoon an image of a sailboat on the water…and there was a huge cloud that was blowing the sailboat.  This is the latest image that Mary Magdalene sent.  The message was simple, it was whimsical, it was therapeutic…just like her message.

Mary wanted to pass along the message that the ocean (and water in general) has an amazing calming effect on most of us.  For those who live near water, whether it’s a babbling brook, a flowing river, a rustic ocean, or mesmerizing sea… use this resource to your advantage…visit your body of water often…use it as part of your meditation…walk along side with it…listen to rhythm of the flowing water, or the lapping of the waves along the shore…take in the aroma…embrace the healing and therapeutic power of water.

“C” and I feel very blessed to live so close to the ocean.  In times of stress, or sadness…as well as happy time, we often take a trip to our favorite beach…regardless of the weather or season…whether it is the warmth of summer, or the coldest days in January…with the sun shining, or rain or snow falling…we find it is a wonderful place to connect with nature…connect with the universe…to rejuvenate…to find peace…to heal…to clear our minds…to hold hands and reaffirm our love for each other…and just to be.

And this according to Mary!  Feel free to share your favorite water/ocean experiences!!!



6 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Water

  1. I too am totally in love with the sea. That’s why I learned sailing. As soon as I step on board a boat, especially my boat, I feel absolutely in my element and that someone is looking after me. Then the healing begins…
    Love from Ask Dave

  2. Wow, wonderful words and true! Just by reading your message I could hear the sound of the ocean again. I was born on a small island and didn`t know better till I moved to Europe and realized that the sea was like a paradise for me, the place where I could feel totally free, relaxed and peaceful. My way of surviving without being there: A lot of pictures from the ocean, Sunset pictures… I just have to look at one..and there I am again on the beach. Thanks a lot for sharing and thank you for liking my post.

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