Love Yourself from the Inside Out

On Sept. 3rd I received the following message from Mary. I saw an image of a young woman in her late 20’s or early 30’s.  She looked vibrate, alive, and from the outside she looked healthy…but the aura that surrounded her told me she was ill.  Her health wasn’t what it appeared to be by looking at her.  The next image I saw was of a man in a suit and he was hiding food…cans of food. The man represented the corporations and he was hiding the truth about the nutritional value of the food we eat today. The cannned food he was hiding represented processed food in general…not just canned food, but the food we eat at restaurants, and most of the foods found on the supermarket shelves. We often don’t think about the nutritional value of the food we buy and eat.  We trust the packaging and we trust the marketing. It’s something we need to research and understand.

Both “C” and I wanted to share her experiences with nutrition…the things she’s taught me since we’ve been together. Here is part of her story:

Overloading on leftover Christmas chocolates one year made really had an impact on my mood. I put two and two together and decided to stop eating chocolate for several days and noticed the difference in how I felt. It wasn’t easy to give them up at first because the sugar craving takes a few weeks to go away, but it eventually did. I found a book called “The Sugar Blues” by William Dufty and confirmed my suspicion about sugar.  Last season 60 Minutes did a show entitled “Is Sugar Toxic?”  Unfortunately sugar is in everything to add taste and flavour.   I broke away from sugar  starting with chocolates in 1997. Giving up sugar was the beginning of my eating a healthier diet.

The best way to shop in the grocery store is to avoid the isles with prepackaged food. If I can’t pronounce the ingredients I don’t buy it. Build your meals around fresh ingredients–like salads, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, beans, chick peas and plain meat…nothing with flavour or salt added.  It is a lot more work than prepackaged food but if we want to stay healthy and feed our bodies nutrients then it is worth it. Alternative nutritionists say many forms of cancers can be prevented by eating healthy, fresh ingredients.  Frozen veggies and fruit are a wonderful choice as long as nothing like sugar or salt has been added to enhance the taste. We live in a colder climate and have limited fresh selection during the winter so we eat a lot of frozen veggies and fruit then. In years I have had extra time   I have gone strawberry picking in July and put in my freezer… a delightful supply of organic strawberries during the winter months. I simply froze them in containers no sugar added. It was too easy.

Also if you have a farmers market in your town or city they are wonderful sources of fresh and organic food.

Of course organic ingredients are best in my  opinion.  I don’t believe the latest research that says they are not.  I know it is more expensive and sometimes we can’t always find the veggie in season in an organic variety.  We live in the real world with busy schedules so Scott and I aim for 50% organic fresh veggies, meat and fruit and know it is impossible to avoid all non-organic. But the good news is that as more consumers demand fresh organic food the corporations will respond because we get to vote with our wallet.

There is so much more I could say about nutrition but I don’t want to overwhelm you.  In my opinion, start with getting rid of the canned and packaged food first and switch to fresh.  Just change one thing at a time that is how I did it…and I am still learning myself… things I am doing wrong but the internet is wonderful place to get alternative nutrition information. My favourite site is He has wonderful information and is constantly reading the latest research to interpret it for us.

…and this is according to Mary!  Feel free to share informaion on some of your favorite nutritional sites or thoughts!


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