We are all in this Together

I noticed that one Mary’s running themes is the importance of nature, and the healing power it has on us.

In one of her recent messages the image that came to me was one of solidarity.  All of us standing with and protecting nature.

I was in the woods, in a hilly or mountainous area.  The sky was amazing.  It was clear and blue, with a few wispy clouds.  There were birds flying. I could the smell of the fresh air, I could smell the trees, and the earth.  As I looked down there was a lake. The water was crystal clear and it looked fresh.  I looked to my left and there stood one of my brothers…beyond him I saw one of my sisters…and beyond her was another, and another. When I looked to my right and I saw the same thing. The lake was surrounded by my brothers and sisters of this planet. All of different ages, races, religions. We were all there enjoying the beauty of the Mother Earth!

The message that Mary was sending was that we are all in this together and it is our responsibility to look after this beautiful planet of ours.   Do what we can on a small scale to look after her…reduce, reuse, recycle as much as possible…think about the things that we are purchasing…think about the packaging. What will happen to it once we open or finish the product? Do we really need to sacrifice the earth in the name of convenience? What impact does brand marketing have on our purchasing decisions? Do we always need the latest and the greatest?  Is our disposable culture too far gone? Are there things we could be doing on a larger scale that will help?  Should be we raising our concerns more often to the decision makers?  Should we be making this more of a priority?

Anyway, Mary was concerned and wanted me to share…love yourself, love one another and love the Earth!!!

…and this is according to Mary!


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