Spiritual Plant Food

While channelling Mary I received an image of a plant.  A beautiful, healthy, and vibrant gift from the earth.

The message that followed was that the plant signified spiritual growth.  Our spiritual growth is very much like plant growth.  We need to make sure we are giving it love and attention.  We have to be mindful of what we are feeding our souls.  Reduce negativity and be mindful of its impact on our journey and on our spirituality. Stay clear of emotional vampires. People or situations that can sink their teeth into us and lower our vibrations as they intentionally continue to feed off of us.

Also be careful of our activities.  What are we watching in our spare time?  Are we watching shows and movies that lower our vibrations by engaging us in violence or unnecessary drama?  It’s great to keep informed by staying on top of world or current events, but are negative and fearful news reports overshadowing uplifting and positive messages that elevate our vibrations?  Are we listening to music that is negative or brings us down?  Do we listen to the lyrics of songs we think we like only to find out the message in the song is far from positive?

What about in the workplace? Are we staying positive, ignoring the politics and negativity of the workplace? Have we found ways to stay productive and rewards ourselves internally for a job well done…regardless of what goes on around us?

What are we putting in our bodies?  Do we understand how over indulgence has a negative effect on our spiritual growth?

What about with our loved ones and families?  Are we fostering positivity, love and peace?   Do we embrace the time we have with each other and treasure the moments?  Do find ways to remind our friends and family how important they are to us? Do they know they are loved?

So love yourself, love your soul…continue to grow spiritually.

And this is according to Mary!



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