Say NO to GMO

My latest vision was that of an eye.  The message Mary sent was that as humans we see what we want to see and often don’t see the truth.  We are very busy living our lives, being distracted by the waves of media and marketing that surround us and distract up, on a daily basis.  Letting others influence us because we are caught up in the latest movement or fad, without even questioning what is right.

We are so exhausted trying to fit into the norms of society, that challenging or even researching the things that impact our health and impact our sustainability here on earth are not even a consideration.  The decisions being made by governments tend to benefit corporations, or those in power, or the lobby groups… really anyone but the people who really need help…and that is most of us.

As painful as it might be we need to wake up and question what is going on around us.  We need to dig deeper and start researching the truth.  Take GMO’s for example.  What are we really being fed?  I mean that from both the “What are we eating?” and “What information are we being fed?” point of view. Genetically Modified Organisms…What is the real impact? They just haven’t been studied long enough.  Isn’t it your right to know what you are eating?  Doesn’t your health depend on it?  Do we really want to trust the corporations, who are out to make a profit at any expense (in my opinion)?

I think California has it right.  They are not blindly letting it happen.  They are trying to inform their citizens.

Love yourself, love your body, love your health…use your mind!  And this is according to Mary!



2 thoughts on “Say NO to GMO

  1. I agree! We can not foresee the long term effects such lab created organisms might cause. Also, it isn’t that these Frankensteins are “only” splicing plant DNA to plant DNA (let’s not be so naviee to think so) but they are mixing plant DNA with insect, animal & even human DNA!

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