Smile…It’s contagious!

Think of the people you love…when they smile how does it make you feel? Hopefully it fills your heart with happiness, and your soul with peace and contentment. Maybe you know why your friend or family member is smiling…maybe you don’t …maybe they are smiling because you walked in the room and you just changed the energy that there were experiencing before you arrived. Hopefully your energy changes the second you saw their facial expression change to joy and happiness…maybe their eyes lit up as well…the eyes and the lips are often connected aren’t they?

I know when I look at “C” and I see that amazing smile…I always go to her eyes next…I love looking at the life, joy, and love in her eyes…there are moments when I can no longer hear what she is saying because I’m completely lost in the moment…I’ve been captured by her smile…and hypnotised by her eyes…these are such beautiful and amazing moments.

This was one of the most recent messages from Mary. She sent along several, but this is the one I felt like sharing today. The image she showed me was of that of someone smiling, and how healing and beautiful a smile can be when shared between two people. The message was short and simple, but oh so powerful. On days when you are down, and days when your energy is low, look to your friends, family, and loved ones to lift your vibration with a simple smile…read everything you can into that smile, don’t take it for granted…there is love in that smile…thrive off of the energy of that smile…and smile right back!

And this is according to Mary!

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