Three square meals

Actually the image Mary displayed was that of a triangle but it related to the meal we and our children eat every day. She sees these meals connected to our health, happiness, and to the love we have for our children. The message she sent was directed towards parents.

She wanted to tell parents about the importance of feeding our children three proper meals a day. Not just making sure they eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, but she wants us to think about the food our children are consuming each and every day.

How many of their meals are truly nutritious? How many of their meals are homemade as compared to fast or processed food? What about the sugar, fat, and salt content of what they are eating? How much of the food they are eating is processed as compared to fresh or preservative free? What ingredients are really consuming…what does it say on the package? What about sugary drink…or worse yet energy drinks? What are all of these things doing to their health and their bodies (or ours for that matter)?

Mary just wanted to ask these questions…she’s concerned.

As parents we want the best for our children. We don’t want to see them hurt, and we worry when they are sick. We’d do anything for them if we could. Mary wants us to start with what we let them eat. She knows it’s not easy given life, choices, and economics today… but with a bit of planning, some self-education, and by making small and gradual changes things will improve. It’s worth considering.

And this is according to Mary.

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