Spiritual Ebb and Flow


Think of the things that hold you back spiritually, the things that have a negative impact on your vibration. Each of us will have a different story (present company included). The reason I’m asking is because Mary showed me a rope. It was very much like a lasso, it was circular and binding. The message that came with the image was that each of us has the ability to hinder our growth by tying ourselves up with our fears, our negative emotions, our baggage, and our self-doubt. It seems like we look for reasons and excuses not to grow, because it’s easier than putting our energy into taking that next step. It’s our fallback position.

Typically when we channel I am holding “C”’s hand. The message came to me after she changed her hand position and it sent a rush through me. The energy in her touch is amazing. It can render me speechless. I realized that her touch and her love raises my vibration. The message that Mary was sending through was to remind me that my own spiritual growth goes through an ebb and flow, and there are times during an ebb where I can slip back into comfort zone and fallback on old negative behaviours. Mary wanted me to continue to open up my heart, and strive for love, peace and happiness. To continue to grow, and continue to raise my vibration…continue my healing!

And this is according to Mary!


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