Which Way are you Going?

Cube of Life

Well here we are at the tail end of 2012. The energy in the universe has been shifting for a while and will continue to do so into 2013 for certain. As “C” and I sat down this morning to begin our channelling of Mary, as soon as I closed my eyes an image appeared of a series of interlocking cubes that seemed to form some type of path. I think many of us have seen an optical illusion image of stairs that seem to go in various directions depending on your perspective, or even the 80’s video game Q*bert…your eyes are telling you one thing while your heart and soul many be interpreting something completely different… this is what the path reminded me of… optical illusions as we travel along our path.

Because of the geometric shapes, sometimes it is difficult to tell which direction we are going…are we climbing up? Are we moving forward? Are we growing? Are we lost? All questions we ask ourselves as we journey through life. That was the message that Mary was communicating. As we travel our path, as we travel though this journey, sometimes we need to stop and look within to make sure we are following our heart…try not to blindly follow…don’t be confused by what your eyes may be showing us, especially if your heart is telling you something different.

We still need to follow a path to get where we are going, but sometimes we need to stop and find those moments of clarity. Follow your heart…continue to love…continue to heal…continue to find the beauty during our travels..and continue to grow.

And this is according to Mary!!!!

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