Trust Your Heart…Grow Your Love

Look within

Look within

Here it is…we are well into January of 2013 and this is our first blog of the year. We decided to slow things down coming into the tail end of 2012 as we were working through some personal loss. It’s actually been a while since we tried to channel Mary. Part of me was wondering if she’d still talk to us (me in particular).

I think she was always talking to us…it was just a matter of me listening. This morning we sat down, plugged in our fountain….listened to the beautiful sounds of the trickling water… looked out and watched the splendour of a gentle snow fall…held each other’s hand…enjoyed the grace and love in our touch…closed our eyes, let ourselves drift and connect… and we started to listen…

The first image that Mary sent was that of a desert cliff or a desert monument…there was someone on top of the monument meditating…looking inward…connecting with their higher self…connecting with their heart. The next image she showed me was very blurry…very foggy…I couldn’t tell what it was at all…for those of you that live along a coastline it reminded me of a drizzly, dreary, foggy day…the type of day where you can’t see three feet in front of you…I had to intensely concentrate on the image…instantly it turned into words on the page…not that I could read the text, but it was enough to let me know that by looking inward and following your heart you will find the answers to your questions…you will make sense of the messages…you will cut through the fog of conflicting information.

So, connect your thoughts with your heart…look inside…find the answers from within…find the love in your heart…let it grow…let it provide clarity…let it guide you in your healing…let it foster your growth…continue to love and show your love for each other…continue to heal!

…and this is according to Mary!

12 thoughts on “Trust Your Heart…Grow Your Love

  1. Thank you for visiting feelingjoy and liking the poem “Greener Grass”. I’m going through a transformation and this has been some process. My poetry has come through me while I’m going through this process. I also paint. I was reflecting on my painting of Mary Magdalene this morning. Some time after painting my picture of Mary Magdalene, I learned that Jesus cleansed Mary Magdalene of seven demons. I realized this is what I’ve been doing with help, cleansing myself of open wounds that are my demons. I find your blog site today after you visited mine. Thank you! Pam

  2. Souls Connection it doesn’t only Happen !!! It is No Hasard !! It is something More between !!! They are Sharing LIGHT & LOVE and this is why we ar Here !!! Thanks a lot for Your Connection !!!! Many Blessings o your Soul and all fiends sharing the Same Love & Light !!!

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