Don’t forget about Love

The Healing Power of Touch

The Healing Power of Touch

I’ve been thinking about love a lot lately. I’ve been sneaking peaks of “C” as she goes about her daily activities…gazing at her beauty…both her physical beauty and the beauty that comes from within her. We’ve been through so much his past year…it’s taken our focus and attention off of us as we’ve had to deal with the reality of the situations around us.

Mary’s next message was a reminder…a reminder for us not to forget about love and the importance of the energy it provides…the healing it accomplishes…and the joy that it brings. As I closed my eyes I found myself on a beach…the sun was shining…the waves were rhythmically lapping again the shore…I could feel the sand between my toes…I could smell the salt in the air…as I looked down in my vision Mary had written “XO” in the sand…hugs and kisses…a reminder for all of us to embrace love…embrace our loved ones…enjoy each other’s company…hold each other…love each other…and use the healing power of love to grow and share our energy and our lives…look inward toward your heart and harness the energy that loves provides!!!!

…and this is according to Mary!

5 thoughts on “Don’t forget about Love

  1. Very cool and inspiring!

    Thanks for stopping by to check out thezendoc! I’m new to blogging and trying to keep both blogs active and interesting. Stop back any time to thenakedmd and thezendoc.

    Create a great day!

    Dr. Steve

  2. I need love? mmm… I don’t need any abstract love: I know I need a lover (my Love) who redirects my sight to the reality (that is quite similar to the truth … that is the way to the truth). I need something who shows me something else from myself. I need a lover who shows me Someone greater than him and me.
    Thank you for your visit!

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