Follow Your Heart

Waching your garden grow

There is so much information out there…so many questions. One thing that “C” and I have been following is the OPPT, or “One People’s Public Trust”. We are optimistic about the possibilities…imagine a world where poverty doesn’t exist…imagine a world where we are working to clean up the environment…imagine peace. Anyway, we been researching the OPPT and here is a link to a one of the people helping to bring this forward…here is a link to her blog, which we find a wealth of information:

We of course wanted to check with Mary and ask her opinion. When we asked the question she showed me an image of a blue warm glowing heart, followed by an image of a road…which led me to believe that the people behind this are true and genuine, and that they do had a long road ahead of them. So dig deep, and trust your own heart when looking for answers.

…and this is according to Mary.

Update June 19, 2013–Recently the One People’s Trust Changed its name to the One People but you will still find information by searching both One People’s Trust (OPPT) or One People. The movement is growing! Yes for humanity. They also have a two weekly radio shows. I have listened to all of their shows. These are genuine people who just want to help free us all. Lots of disinformation about them out there. They couldn’t hurt a fly in my opinion. Thanks “C”


5 thoughts on “Follow Your Heart

  1. funny thing. I walking yesterday talking with what I know to be Ascendant BEings that tune into us and our thoughts. I can feel the LOVE they send when we ‘tune in’ much like a satellite beam. One of those BEings I addressed was Mary Magdalene and here is your site introduced to me today. There are NO coincidences.

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