The End is Near!!! For Winter that is!

Covered in ice

This week when we channelled Mary several messages came through, we thought this one was timely. As I closed my eyes and began to connect the first image that popped into my mind was that of the sun hidden behind the cloud of winter…soon after I saw the sun I could hear the chirping of birds…and the sun became warm and the light began to come through….

Mary wanted those of us who live in a wintery climate to hold tight…we are getting closer to spring…there will be less and less wintery weather…less snow…less cold…less clouds…less darkness. Soon there will be warmth from the sun…the days are getting longer…there will be green grass, and leaves in the trees. Focus on the positive…focus on new growth…focus on the warmth that is coming our way…focus on the energy that spring will bring…and the love that tends to shine a little more at that time of the year…take advantage of the healing that fresh air and sunshine will bring…visualize what is coming our way….yet at the same time continue to embrace the beauty we still find in nature today!

8 thoughts on “The End is Near!!! For Winter that is!

  1. Thank you for visiting my post and answering my comment on another. Might I add to this one that a great master Teacher Ram has taught that “winter is a time for nature to slumber during which it dreams the great dream of what it is to become in the spring and summer.” I hold reverence for that which allows me to appreciate the need to go inward, slow down, and dream.
    I also used my dreams this past week to create a different blog site from the ministry to express the satire in what the world is reflecting. It has a different light.

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