The True Cost of Convenience

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Mary is frequently sending me messages about the environment. A few weeks ago she sent me another message. She showed me an image of an Owl, and then of a spoon. I know it seems like an odd connection… but the message was that of nature, the choices we make, and the impact we have on the earth. The message was about some of the products of convenience that we use.

Every time I think about some of these products a song seems to pop in my head… “Killing me softly with K-cups”….ok, so I changes the wording a bit…but what concerns me is the use of a lot of single serving products such as the single cup brewers. I know they are cool and convenient, but at what cost? How much plastic and other materials are used to create the consumables for these machines? And what happens to the plastic after the fact. Most people just throw the cups away as a whole. We are not even getting the benefit of composting the coffee grinds.

But I’m not just singling out one product or brand…I’m also concerned about most of single serve products that have hit the market over the past several years. The packaging just seems like such a waste…and I guess that’s my main concern…what happens to all of the packaging waste with single serve yogurt containers, 100 calorie products, or mini soft drinks? I know some of these product packaging materials are recyclable, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is committed to this process, or has the recycling services available to them…so in these cases the waste material ends up where it shouldn’t.

The packaging ends up in our landfills…it ends up being incinerated…it ends up in our oceans…our atmosphere…leaching into out soil… it’s a real problem. We need to put more thought into what we purchase and the impact it has on our environment.

We all want a clean and beautiful earth…for ourselves, our children, and for the future…let’s see what we can do about keeping it clean!

And this is according to Mary!

4 thoughts on “The True Cost of Convenience

  1. I hear you. Trash beside the road makes me so sad. And packaging at the grocery stores? Ridiculous. One thing I loved about Asia was that people used their own grocery bags–canvas ones. You had to pay to get a plastic bag at the store. There is so much more that we can and should do to save our earth….

  2. Thanks for the comment Jessica. The canvas bag idea is a great one. We have a few stores in this area that have a “bring your own bag” policy. If you forget to bring your own the only option is to purchase the canvas bags. People complained at first, but then they got used to it…it does work!

  3. Its very true- the wast we make in our culture is devastating to the earth and embarassing when we think of the lack in other countries- I flush toilets with more (and cleaner) water than some families must share for an entire day. It’s humbling.

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