The Healing Power of Pets


Do you have a pet? Do you own an animal…or is it more the reverse…the animal owns you?

A recent message from Mary showed me several images of cats and dogs. Within seconds of receiving these images I heard an attention cry from “C’s” cat….then I heard her little footsteps as she trotted across the floor….then she hopped up beside me in the middle of my channelling and snuggled her head into my hand until I started to pet her. Her motor started as she began to purr…we were connecting, sharing energy…I found it a soothing and healing process….this went on for about ten minutes before she decided that sitting in the sun would be more fulfilling…

The message that came through from Mary was for us not to underestimate the healing power of our furry and non-furry friends. They provide us with unconditional love…they are healing…they reduce our stress levels…they can keep us active…they keep us in contact with nature…and remind us of our own vulnerabilities.

…and this is according to Mary.

70 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Pets

  1. Such a lovely post! I could just hear the happy purrs of your sweet kitty. Pets are wonderful and meaningful companions. They truly make life happier.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the “like” on my recent post. I am happy you enjoyed it, and I appreciate your visit to my site. 🙂

  2. I have both cats and dogs and am currently falling in love with reptiles. Animals are our brothers and sisters. They are guides and can show us amazing things if we learn to listen. I love your post. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Animals have SOOO much to teach us…thanks for pointing that out. My cats are my little darlings and they have very healing energy, any connection we make has an ability to help us heal.

  4. I currently live with three cats that are all wonderful. But I really miss my dog (she went home two years ago). While I am a dog person, I can’t imagine my life without my ‘kids’. I feel sorry for those folks that don’t like or don’t understand the overwhelming benefits of living with an animal(s). Thanks for your post.

  5. I was priviledged to have a rescue for the last years of his life, an Akita. Very depressed and stubborn, but he just opened up, cheered up and we really needed each other. He really improved my life and I miss him so much. Hope to rescue again soon when I finally get settled.

  6. Hi i’ve just started on wordpress,can u tell me how to find other peoples wordpress blogs to like because their gravatars dont have their websites on them.People like my posts but i cant like back as i dont know how to get to their blog.Your help would be much appreciated

    • I find gravatars are kind of hit or miss. Some people will have their wordpress links list while others do not. I find the best thing to do is use your “Reader”. This is a great place to search categories that you find of interest and it gives you an opportunity to visit other blogs. Here of course you can like and comment as much as you like.

      • Thanks so much for your advice,this really helps thanks heaps and i followed your blog and will be liking and commenting in the future thanks heaps

  7. My wife is very partial to cats. We have had fifteen. Most of them have passed on but we still have five. I told her not to bring any more in but she found the last one wandering the streets. What could I tell her? The cat jumped into the car when we stopped and she opened the door. Maybe the open can of cat food prompted that response. What do you think?

  8. Yes, my late great canine companion healed me and also taught me how to become a healer. We also had a relationship to Magdalene (of which my beloved’s name is a derivation). Thanks for visiting my homage to my beautiful girl. Now, to learn how to heal without her physical presence…..

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  10. Thanks for reading my post. I have had a few cats but now left with Smokey who has ‘powers’ from ‘above or within’ as after his operation many years ago he has appeared in three or four dreams showing me scenes of horrific accidents in minute detail – all unrelated to me and all in other counties. I ‘know’ when he is going to come through at night and if I miss him ‘he knows’. This is different from healing but I’m sure that he is a ‘silent healer’ of those who have perished in accidents/murders’ which appear next day in press or media. I don’t belong to any Church but did sense Mary Magdalene many many years ago which was confirmed seconds later by a stranger who turned to me and told me/ I was in a healing group and sensed both Christ and Mary Magdalene around me. So it was amazing to hear that a person on one side of me was cured of arm pain they had for years. I practice distant healing for many and also for those shown to me in dreams. In fact the best post about Jim Morrison is yet to come but I have to wait till time is right. This is a great blog. I don’t subscribe to many due to Blepharitis/Other ailments but have pressed your button. Check me out at youtube and you will see my funny cat videos. The link is on my ‘about’ page. You will love them..Oh and by the way I had just felt a cat’s fur on my heel aitting here but Smokey was not there and it was just as I pressed the button for your blog so it may be ‘Tinker’…There’s a Video about her too made the day after she left planet earth to go into orbit with Christ and the others I have been blessed to see him with very occasionally. Thanks again…

  11. I totally agree with this, a combination of releasing those happy hormones, that level of attachment and the nice feel of their pets’ soft fur on skin….therapeutic!

  12. My pets got me out of a depression. My canaries were great company but when I started fostering kittens for an animal shelter they changed my life completely. I never knew cats could be so affectionate.

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  14. Thank you for liking my blog. I hope you found what you were looking for on mine. I also treasure my pets & the healing energy they bring me. I hope I’m just as beneficial to them.

  15. Thanks for coming by our blog! I firmly believe that how a person treats an animal says a lot about them. I have a rescue Pomeranian, Piko, who was saved from a puppy mill. This little guy makes my heart beat swell every single time he looks up at me. I’m grateful for every lick and door greeting I get. 🙂

  16. Animals do have a purity to them, even though they keep choosing to poop on my carpet 🙂 All of my cats and dogs are very loving and I know they care for me and my family. Another very peaceful animal are fish. You can watch them and get lost in their little fishy world. Thank God for all of the loveable animals in our life.

  17. I miss my late dogs and cats, but now I’m not well enough to look after them. However, I have a ten-year-old canary and he is very sweet, chirping and singing most beautifully. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post.

  18. What you say is so true.. many have underestimated the healing power of pets. My dog Abbey is a big part of our family ! This little gal has brought so much joy & laughter to us since we adopted her 6 years ago. We’ve learned so much from her and can’t imagine life without her. Thank you for bringing awareness about the wonderful roles pets play in our homes.

  19. I agree that Dog and cats provide unconditional love. They are like children. They depend on us for their food and shelter. And in return we give them ours. However!!! Some times they reduce your stress level and sometimes they raise it. They do try your patience! Have you ever come home to find your newspapers shredded all over the floor or gone into your bathroom to find all your nice bath towels all over the floor with claw marks left from your kitty pulling them down?Stress… Have you ever come home to find the dog has spread the garbage all over the floor? You yell, Rah! and have to pick up after them. They are telling you something. Put your newspapers in their proper place, Put the garbage outside and up off the floor before you leave. It’s your fault, not theirs. It is their instinct to hunt and eat, even if it inside your home. Anyways learn from them, accept their affection and keep your stuff put away. It is their world. You are just a part of it.

  20. Thanks for popping by my blog. We used to have a little Jack Russell, Rosie, and when I held healing workshops, she’d always sit by the person most in need that day. When my friend was sick and we were staying with her, Rosie lay beside her until she was better. And when a friend came to stay with us from the UK when we lived in Australia, she stayed by his side all the time. Until the last day when he was due to fly back, when she came and sat back with us before he left. She made it to 16.5, we miss her very much BUT we now in North Cyprus have four rescue puppies who found us and three rescue cats who also found us. Our pet hotel is alive and thriving!

  21. Although Miss Kitty departed this life two years ago, she remains here in spirit and even fixes appliances! And she is such an easy keeper in spirit form! 😉
    Now I feed a variety of wild birds who keep me hopping and require no litter box, nor trips to the vet.

  22. My mom moved out of state to be closer to us 8 years ago, and it was such a comfort to bring her 4 cats with her. It was like they were going on this adventure together. Last summer the last of those cats passed and it hit her so hard. Like a chapter had closed. She had adopted a cat since but it doesn’t seem to be the same..

  23. A good number of studies have been conducted into just this very topic. In one study they took animals to a retirement home and observed the change in moods of the residents when they had (mostly) dogs and cats to interact with them. The result was that most of the residents loved having the animals around and for those who had been feeling lonely or depressed – the animals filled the need for companionship which they needed. As to whether we own the animals or they own us – I feel my dog owns me 98% of the time. A good thing really. I am constantly amazed how she can change my mood for the better.

    • That is amazing isn’t it and what a wonderful thing for the senior citizens. I work for an educational institute and they bring in therapy dogs on a weekly basis for the students and staff…you can feel your mood change instantly when they arrive. Your pup sounds wonderful! Thanks for stopping by BFI:-)

  24. Thanks for liking one of my haiku and I totally agree with you RE: The Healing Power of Pets. Animals have a great ability to calm, connect and heal us, young and old – our own pets, visting in nursing homes and therapeutic riding programs ….. the list goes on!

  25. I have a bunny. I love him so much. He rings his bell when he wants me to come cuddle and pet him.

    If one of my girls and I are talking and laughing, he rings his bell because he does not want to be left out.

    He has feelings and social needs just like a human.

    Love your post.

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