Magic Carpet Ride


So… in my most recent vision Mary showed me a woven carpet, or rug. I saw it initially in its entirety, but then she zoomed in so I could see the detailed work. In many ways the craftsmanship was amazing…the colours were beautiful….I could see red and blue… gray and white…various accent colours…all interwoven but yet separate at the same time.

The message that came to me dealt with our own belief systems…how each of us throughout our lives have had things ingrained and interwoven in our own fabric that sometimes makes it is difficult for us to separate these beliefs and thoughts from our own selves.

We have learned these belief systems as children though our parents; we have learned them growing up in our schools and into higher education institutions; through our cultural, social, employment and economic backgrounds; through our religious and political afflictions; through our local communities and countries of origin; through our media and marketing absorption over the years; and through the influence of our friends, families, and personal relationships during our live times.

It doesn’t make our belief systems wrong… actually what it really does is explain where they came from…we just need to look back in our lives from where we are now and understand that we do the things that we do and believe the things that we believe, in many cases, because of what has been woven into our lives over time. They are ingrained into our fabric…our programming if you will.

There are so many things we believe without question, and there are so many behaviours that we demonstrate based on these beliefs…The big question is…How do our actions, behaviours and beliefs impact or harm others…and our environment?

Something to think about…and in the meantime continue to grow, continue to love, continue to heal, continue to protect Mother Earth…and continue to question.

And this is according to Mary.

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