Light at the End of the Tunnel


I closed my eyes and saw a tunnel. Just a tunnel. I could feel the sensation of leaving an open space…leaving an area filled with light and sunshine only to slip into darkness…a feeling of a confined space…yet feeling focused at the same time…

I had a sense of calm knowing that there would be light ahead…knowing that after a short journey within the darkness that there would be light, there would be sunshine, there would be openness, and there would be a feeling of freedom again.

…and that was the message from Mary…that even though you may be going through a period of darkness…that you may feel confined and claustrophobic…that you may experience the emotions of being cut off from the light, or a feeling of losing control… that you need to focus on that part of your journey…you will get through it…you will come out on the other side…and there will be light and happiness again.

Continue your journey, continue to love, continue to heal, and use the darkness as a way to build strength, grow and learn from yourself. Look within yourself and use your heart to guide you.

…and this is according to Mary.

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