Whatcha Eatin’

The Four Food Groups

So… next in the series of “Listen” messages Mary drew attention to our health and our eating habits. I couldn’t help but notice that more and more companies are advertising new product lines that say something to the nature of “Now made with natural ingredients”. Which in many ways is a good thing…it means that companies are listening…they are getting the message.

Of course the question I always have is “What the heck were you making before you started using natural ingredients?”. The discouraging thing is that these companies are usually offering the “new” all natural product as part of their product line, which means they are still producing products filled with toxins, hormones and preservatives. If they were truly concerned with our health and wellbeing wouldn’t they discontinue their old product line and only produce the natural products? So there is still a longs ways to go.

Another question to ask is “if a company states that they are making a healthier product is it indeed healthy? Or is it mainly packaging and marketing?” You really need to do your research.

In our neck of the woods a national company was making a claim that they were producing all natural products and that all ingredients on the label could be pronounced. One of the ingredients was Cultured Celery Extract. Sounds healthy enough…but by doing a bit of research you’ll find that Celery is a natural source of nitrites/nitrates… so what initially sounded healthy is actually now a health risk.

I’m sure if you think about it there are plenty of examples of companies trying to wordsmith their product in order to convince you that you are buying a healthy product….only to discover there is still way too much sugar, way too much salt….and way too many unknown ingredients listed on the package (I won’t even bring up GMO’s in this post…that’s a whole other issue).

So continue to do your research, learn more about what you are buying…tell your friends and family when you discover something scary or misleading…keep everyone you love safe!

…and this is according to Mary!

7 thoughts on “Whatcha Eatin’

  1. In my opinion all, or allmost all companies make products to earn (a lot) of money, so you should never rely on what that company is saying about a product. Always trust your own judgement.

    I believe stayin’ away as much as you can from sugars will help you stay healthy…….

  2. I recently read the back of a sugar box that followed this logic: Sugar is a carb, and carbs are necessary to a healthy diet. Also, sugar is natural!

    What a hilarious and also depressing marketing strategy.

  3. Natural as a selling point? If you think of the periodic table then ‘natural’ ingredients (pure raw form as pulled from the earth etc) then go ahead and eat a bowl of sulphur and cyanide. This is what you need to remember when bombarded with advertising.
    A bag of sugar can be advertised as entirely fat free and a block of lard is wholly sugar free with no added sweeteners or colouring too. Neither is going to do you a whole lot of good.
    I don’t know about you but I’ve never sat back and exclaimed ‘you know what I fancy right now? mmm extract of …..anything’.
    On my radar today is ‘di-glycerides of fatty acids’. Sounds delish doesn’t it. Mmm gonna put some of that on my toast (wholegrain of course).

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