Are you Listening?

Listen up

Can you hear that? I think you can. Listen closely…it’s the winds of change isn’t it. The last several messages that came from Mary all had to do with “Listening”.

She wanted us to pay attention to our economy and our personal finances; she wanted us to pay attention to what we put in our bodies and do some research on GMO’s; she wanted us to pay attention to what our governments are doing in the areas of transparency and fiscal responsibility; and she wanted us to pay attention to what corporations are doing…they should be accountable to us as consumers and should have our health and well-being set as a main priority.

We are seeing changes in some of these areas…more and more people are self-educating and speaking out…more and more people are waking up and sharing this information with friends, family, and loved ones.

We still need to see more change…we need to continue to look after the people we love from the inside out…we need to vote with our wallets whenever possible…we need to spread the word….we need to remind corporations and governments at all levels that our planet is fragile, and that they are accountable…we need to realize that the decisions we make on a daily basis have an impact on our planet, our bodies, our financial and emotional well-being….we need to be the winds of change.

Spread the word…spread the love…Listen to your heart…and this is according to Mary!

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