A Very Touching Story

The Healing Power of Touch

The Healing Power of Touch

I truly believe we all have healing energy within us. Some more so than others and for a lot of us I’m certain we just haven’t figured out how to harness and use this energy (either on ourselves or on others…but I’m sure it’s there).

In a recent message from Mary, “C” and I were holding hands while channelling. “C’s” touch seemed more noticeable than normal… I could feel her healing energy…it began to dominate all of my senses…any background noise became incredibly distance…the images in my mind began non-existent…the fragrances from the garden became muted…her touch was overpowering and was putting in into a trancelike state. I could feel peace, I could feel love…any aches and pains that I would normally feel had dissipated…my heart was filled with joy…I could feel strength…I was happy.

The message that Mary wanted me to convey was not to forget how important love is….and how touch is an important part of love…it’s healing…it connects our souls and connects our hearts…it alleviates pain…it reduces stress…it brings us joy and happiness.

…and this is according to Mary!

6 thoughts on “A Very Touching Story

  1. Dear Libra,
    Thank you for sharing this experience with you. Now imagine, experiencing that sensation simultaneously by 200 people. Extraordinary! This happened to me at church this past Sunday. 🙂

  2. The power of touch cannot be measured. It is an awesome thing. I love this post, you have my brain going and my heart pounding, I really like the way you started the healing.

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