It’s more than just Water…it’s a Home

Love Life

In a recent message from Mary I saw a fishing boat heading in one direction…the next image was that of a sea turtle heading in the opposite direction…they were essentially on a collision course.

The message seemed loud and clear…up until about 75 years ago we were able to manage our ocean resources (and manage is probably not the right word to use here…we didn’t know how fragile our ocean stocks were back then….we just didn’t have the means to overfish the way we do now). Now we send out huge trawlers to harvest everything in their paths. They may be out fishing for a certain stock of fish, but anything else caught in the nets would be considered collateral damage.

The technology of today not only grabs what it can from the ocean, in many cases, it destroys the ocean floor and the ecosystem that was in place…causing major damage to the environment and those fish stocks left behind.

It’s sad, it’s scary, and this doesn’t even take into consideration the amount of toxins and waste that is dumped into the ocean on a daily basis.

Mary has asked us to think about our natural resources and conserve where we can. Think about our waste and our consumption. Look inward and make decisions based on the good of the planet.

Love yourself…love the world! And this is according to Mary!

11 thoughts on “It’s more than just Water…it’s a Home

  1. So very important, I get upset with the way people take for granted the natural resources that we were given as gifts from God. I am shocked at the way we still have not made good decisions with all that we have in our world.

  2. Thank you for stopping by blog. I like yours and I am trying to save our natural resources by educating people on ways to reduce their consumption and recycle. People need to be conscientious and aware that natural resources are limited.

  3. Hello folks, I enjoyed reading the post on conserving the oceans and seas, rivers etc. No doubt in my mind, MAN is the biggest treat to this planet, for fellow humans, creatures, animals and the environment. 😦

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