Choose your path, and enjoy the scenery

Enjoy your walk!

Enjoy your walk!

Wouldn’t it be great if we had all of the answers? Never making a mistake, never being wrong, never having any regrets. Maybe it’s not as impossible as it sounds. In a recent message from Mary she showed me a path…it represented our journey through life…and as with many paths there are options…we are constantly making choices…most feel right in the beginning, but the longer we travel sometimes we question our decisions…we start asking “What if?”. This question can keep us locked in the past.

In the message Mary wanted us to understand that in life we may not always make the best choices…or better yet we may not get the results we were expecting…or hoping for…but we need to be realistic about the results…we need to stay positive…we need to realize that sometimes when we go down a path we question, it doesn’t mean we still will not reach our original destination. We can always make changes, we can alter our course…or maybe we are simply taking the scenic route!

The important thing to try to do is learn from our experiences…try to find those teachable moments…share the journey with those we love, for as long as we can…embrace life…embrace love…and share our love with others…it’s really the only true thing that we have.

…and this is according to Mary.


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