A Somewhat Touchy Subject

Love Nature

One of the many reoccurring messages that come from Mary is about “Touch”. How touch can be vey healing. Think of the times in your life when the touch of another has communicated love, trust, peace, or compassion. How the touch of another has changed your mood…how it has lifted your spirits…raised your vibrations. There are times when touch simply made you feel better….more positive…more loving…maybe even more vulnerable allowing you to tap into your heart.

We can also be touched by people’s stories. As I travel through the blogosphere I am always amazed at the stories that are being told. As people share their highs, and lows…as they talk about their pain…as they share their experiences and their challenges in life I am often touched by their willingness to put themselves out there for the world to see.

There are many people out there that take comfort in sharing their stories…the stories that make us realize that they are simply looking to be heard…looking for some compassion…looking for a hug…looking to be touched in some way…as their stories have initially touched our own hearts.

So this week Mary’s message is to help those who have touched you. Take a moment and support those who share their stories…send them love…send them compassion…try in your own little way to share your own healing power of touch. Look to your heart and share the energy within.

…and this is according to Mary!


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