Be A Dinosaur

Love Life

Scott and I are considered dinosaurs. We don’t carry our cell phones with us. When we are off duty from work and responsibilities we don’t want to be found. That is our time to rejuvenate our energy. Scott didn’t even have a cell phone until a few years ago when his mother had an extra one she couldn’t use because it was too technical. It certainly wasn’t because we were never trained in Information Technology. Both our careers forced us to be early adaptors of it. Scott was even in the first graduating I.T. class in our city at a local college. One night a store clerk was trying to get his email and seemed frustrated with grandpa not wanting to give it out. I am sure he thought we had no clue of how to use a computer. We laughed about later it in the car.

Mary’s recent message was all about disconnecting from technology and the bustle of the city. She wants us to get out into nature disconnected from our Smartphones, tablets and mp3 players. Walking in nature allows us to think and hear our own thoughts without distractions. So be a dinosaur like us and leave your technology at home or in the car while you get out into nature.

And this is According To Mary!


17 thoughts on “Be A Dinosaur

  1. Well I love technology and its place in my life, but I also like being unconnected regularly. So if im going for a bike ride or to the beach or for a walk….im on my own. Everyone needs there space. I often wonder what will happen for us when this all collapses ? 🙂 but then maybe it won’t

  2. My old cell phone died recently and I finally took the plunge and got an iPhone. Instead of continuing my cell plan I went onto my brothers plan and I changed the cell number. Not many people have the new number and I am happy for the silence in that. I love technology, but I love to completely discontent from it and I am learning to do that more and more. I prefer the sounds of nature when I am outside. My cell is still with me (I have been sick and I have a few relatives/friends that aren’t doing well) because I want to be able to help them if they call (that is one thing I love about technology!).

    Thanks for stopping by Not Dabbling in Normal

    • That’s great…there was a time we used to live like that and we were all fine. I understand having a device of some type for emergencies, but I can live with out begin connected 24/7:-) Thanks for sharing!

  3. IAM a great dinosaur… I have been living in a quiet spanish town for 7 years now… if i didn’t put the tv on, I wouldn’t know what was happening… It has been so good living here, getting to know me, going deep within and allowing myself to be who I truly AM… thanks for this wonderful post… Barbara

  4. I have a mobile phone (as we call them) but hardly ever use it. Technically it is mine but my husband uses it more than I do, especially to keep in touch when he is away for a few days (he takes it with him). They are a nuisence and encourage unsocial behavior but do have their uses.

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