Are you in Denial?

Fall is here

Don’t deny yourself.

One of the problems with living in an area with four distinct seasons is that there is a risk that you will start living in denial. Summers in our neck of woods seem to go by way too quickly and recently “C” and I have been denying that summer is actually over and have been spending each weekend at the beach dipping our toes in the water…pushing the summer envelop as long as we can.

Reality is here and more importantly so is autumn. It is time for us to embrace the fall. The leaves have changed and they are spectacular. The vivid colours are amazing. The reds, the yellows, the oranges, the earth tones…they are all simply breathtaking.

In a recent message from Mary she wanted to remind us of how beautiful nature can be in many parts of the world during the fall…and that we should be out embracing the change of seasons…drink in the colours…they are more healing than you think…there is just something about the energy of this time of year…you need to embrace it…breath it in…connect with mother earth…recognize that making this connection can change your state of mind and increase your vibrations…enjoy it and don’t deny yourself the beauty and love that nature is providing us during this short time frame as the leaves start to fall.

Take your loved ones out and enjoy it together before it is too late.

…and this is according to Mary!

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15 thoughts on “Are you in Denial?

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  1. I live in New York, Brooklyn, NY in fact and the seasons are truly awesome. I do look forward to changes in seasons, especially fall and spring. I’m not much of a summer person myself, but I do see the beauty of the season. Winter is relaxing to me as well, snow and all.

  2. In Wales summer literally disappeared over night to be replaced with autumn, although Im not really sure when it happened! I miss the summer, the long days, sun, warmth, but Im glad autumn is here, the excuse to stay in under a blanket and stay in bed longer, and, although its colder, I much prefer walking in autumn! Hope you enjoy the coming season!

  3. I liked this friendly little use of persuasion to get us out into the beauty of the seasons! I also wanted to tell you a slight “funny” when someone says are you in “denial” I always want to say, “I have never been in de’ Nile, but I hope to see it someday!”

  4. I love autumn with its beautiful rich colours. Here it is progressing slowly, some leaves have changed and fallen while many others are still green, but it does seem to be gathering pace now.

  5. Thanks for liking my post and I so agree with you about the seasons. It’s autumn in North Cyprus now but still sunny and lovely days around 23C, but different feel in the air. I went for a walk the other day and enjoyed taking photos of dried grasses (rains still to come here where it’s very, very dry) and then fallen hawthorn leaves – beauty everywhere when you open your eyes and heart.

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