The Scent of Fall

From Our Walk In The Park

From Our Walk In The Park

Our next message from Mary had to do with the wonderful scent of Fall foliage.  Fall is not only a beautiful sight to enjoy and heal from but a beautiful scent to connect with too.  Scott and I were walking in our local Park a few weeks ago  enjoying the multi- color leaves that magically captured our sight.   But I said to Scott there is something else here to enjoy. I immediately began to smell the leaves on a whole different level and connect with them. It was a feeling of peace and beauty. I had never really appreciated the scent of the fall leaves too.  Sure enough the next day Mary channeled to us this message. I guess Mary was on our walk too!  So before Fall is over get to a park or woods  to  enjoy the scent too!

And this is According To Mary!


3 thoughts on “The Scent of Fall

  1. Fall is wonderful and not a thing I don’t like about it. The colors are amazing, the crisp air, which brings to mind how clean everything smells to me. I love it in the early morning. Lovely post!

  2. I have always loved the smell of the fall leaves, the sound as they rustle under my feet, the colors and the feel of them when I take a big bunch and throw it in the compost pile. Probably the only way I have never sensed them is with my tongue! 🙂 I’m so glad you noticed the fragrance!

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