Positive Energy Pet Therapy

Happy Kitty

We had a nice visit from Mary and she passed along a series of messages centered around energy and breaking the cycle of negativity.  The last recommendation she passed along made me smile the most, so I thought I would start at the end.

One of the best ways to break the cycle of negative thinking is to connect with a pet!  Kitty started to meow and hopped up beside me just as we were finishing up, and I could instantly feel warmth and love in my heart. There was no judgement, there were no negative thoughts…there was just love, joy, companionship…and a warm purring bundle of fur. “C” used her purring ball of fur to heal after she became separated.  Her Kitty provided her with comfort and caring … Kitty intuitively knew that she needed to take care of “C” and knew exactly when to snuggle up to reduce her pain.

So Mary wanted to remind us right off the bat to connect with a pet when we are down, when we hurt, or when our energy is being drained…because they can instantly lift our vibrations and take us to a more positive place!

…and this is according to Mary!

6 thoughts on “Positive Energy Pet Therapy

  1. Pets are wonderful. I can directly see my attitude based on how I’m treating my pets. It’s a healthy reminder how I’m feeling inside. If I’m feeling negative and I allow it, my pets can bring me out of it. They do it by just reminding me how much they love and need me. I heard it once said that a pets love is like Gods love. It was explained that if I locked my best friend and my dog in a trunk of a car for a bit, once I opened the trunk, it would the dog that was still my best friend. The dog still longs to be with his owner. God’s love is such that He is always wanting our attention and having that relationship. Thank you for reminding me how special my pets are. I have three dogs, two cats, a bird, and fishes. When I’m feeling down, they seem like a burden, when I’m right with God, I’m reminded what a blessing they are.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such a lovely post! I think the therapeutic value of pets is so undervalued. This is particularly true when it comes to the elderly and frail who often have to give up their pets when they go into a nursing home, which is so sad for both them and their pet. We need to put more of an emphasis on the positive energy of pet therapy!

    • I know. It’s a sad process for both, but hopefully the pet ends up going to a great new home and many nursing homes have cats and allow therapy dogs to visit. Thanks for commenting HHH:-)

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