Positively Delightful

Choose your path

In a recent message from Mary she had a question.  What do you do with negative energy?  It’s all around us isn’t it?  It’s in the news, it’s in the media… we have friends, family and co-workers who love to vent, and love to complain.  But what do you do with that energy?  Do you entertain the energy?  Do you feed it?  Do you add to it? Do you allow it to grow?  It’s easy to do isn’t it?

Mary wanted to remind us that we have choices when dealing with negativity.  We can do a few things.  We can defuse the negativity by trying to turn the conversation into a positive one…or at least neutralize the negativity; we can have that honest conversation and remind the individual that they are spreading a negative message and share with them the impact it has on others…most people don’t realize how negative they really are; or we can simply walk away from the conversation and distance ourselves from the negativity ensuring that the negative energy at least doesn’t spread to us.

These are just a few recommendations you can try…we know there are more…feel free to share

…and this is according to Mary!

20 thoughts on “Positively Delightful

  1. My husband’s family, mainly his parents, have this toxic negativity that drains our life of simple peace. Just yesterday, we had to make the announcement that we would no longer be able to see or spend time with them, for our children’s sake and our own mental health. We broke it down in a more detailed explanation of why/how they are such soul-sucking, happiness leaches… which did make me feel better 😉 but this post has helped me feel steadfast in our decision to cut them out of our life. So simply, Thank you.

    • Wow, that must have been very difficult. I hope someday they will realize how important you and their grandchildren are to them and wake up. They need to heal. Thanks so much for sharing your story PT. Peace and love be with you!

  2. No, I pretty much have to sit here and take her crap! LOL! Here’s a good one I thought I’d add; go out for long walks every second day, for exercise. You’ll become more fit, relieve a lot of tension too… And you’ll have a viable reason to avert negativity on a somewhat regular basis.

  3. I do try to avoid negative people. I have found if I hang out with positive people their positive attitude rubs off on me and I feel more creative. The negative people will have the same affect if I am around them too long. Their “that will never work” attitude will infect me like the flu. Good post.

    • I think that happens more often then most people realize. The important thing is to recognize the impact that the negative energy of others has on you, so you can come up with strategies to counteract the negativity. Thanks for sharing Mark!

  4. Interesting post. I’m new to being less negative. I never thought how my negativity effected others. I can completely understand negative people at this point of my life, and I am getting pretty good at neutralizing their effect on me. Always good to be skilled in handling negativity.

  5. I am a kind of negative person, but my wife is an extremely positive woman.
    That is why I am having a good life…..because of wife…?
    I am a lucky guy…..

  6. Autumn is my favorite season. Jehovah colors the earth with beauty that inspires your heart, refreshes your senses, brings joy and peace to your day, reminds us of Jehovah’s loving-kindness and encourages us to look forward to the future. WOW

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