Positive Energy – Where do you find it?

Enjoy your walk!

Enjoy your walk!

We all face negativity…maybe at work…maybe at home…maybe with friends…certainly in the media. When was the last time you heard a “good” news story…or when was the last time you watched a movie or show that didn’t have violence or negativity embedded in there somewhere?

So what can we do to recharge ourselves and counteract negative energy?  Mary wanted to remind us that embracing nature is a quick and easy fix that can have you feeling right as rain in no time.  Just taking a walk in a nature park, or on a trail…getting a little bit of earth under your feet can lift your vibrations almost instantly.

Open all of your senses to the experience…let your eyes take in the colours; the organic shapes; the wispy flow of the landscape; the perfect imperfections found in nature. Let your feet feel the crunching of the leaves; the crunching of freshly packed snow; the grittiness of dirt, rock or sand beneath your feet or between your toes.  Breath in the beauty of nature…each season has its unique blend of aromas that can take us back to a positive time in our lives. Listen to the waves, the tricking water, the wind, the birds and animals that are close by, listen to the positive energy that the earth can provide.

Can you feel your vibrations rising already? Can you feel the negativity melt away and a more positive energy taking over your body and soul?  Can you feel your blood pressure dropping and your outlook changing?   Sure you can:-)

Take advantage of the world around you.  Take that extra trip that gets you out of the city.  Take those extras few minutes to stop and embrace nature that may be in your own backyard.  Do it for you…do it for those you love…do it for your heart…do it for your soul…and share the experience with those you love and of course share your positive energy…it’s contagious!

…and this is according to Mary

31 thoughts on “Positive Energy – Where do you find it?

  1. That’s why we are doing arts, painting, drawing crafting. I’m taking a break from my medical writing and research just like that: with the help of art. It is the purest positive energy possible. Everybody who’s participating in our classes has experienced that: troubles, bad thoughts and even pains disappear while we are completely emerging ourselves in art. It recharges, it makes one feel better, it gives new perspectives and piece of mind. Even for those who don’t want to be artists, but simply play around with paint and shapes or designs, it is a great experience.

  2. Love, laughter, and the beauty of Mother Nature are all gift’s to treasure, every time one of these treasures calls your way hold it within your heart.

  3. A great message, there is to much negative in the world. We all need a place to go and get positive. Even if its in our mind we all neec to be positive.

  4. I think you’re right. I’m a naturalist, and there is nothing better than going back to our roots in a certain way and reconnecting with nature. If you don’t have time to go for a hike or plant some flowers or spend ten minutes in a city park, sometimes you can find positive energy in random people around you. Smile at someone in the metro, tell someone else their earrings look amazing, ask the baker when she bought her gorgeous blouse. People (*usually*!!) respond to kindness with kindness, and you’ll get it back double if you initiate the kind act – you’ll get a smile and maybe a conversation and the knowledge that you just made the other person’s day a wee bit better ^_^
    Thanks for the post!

  5. Thanks for your kind comments on my ‘warm winter’, Nature does heal, for my masochistic proclivity to be a political junkie needs much healing, I am so darn lucky to live in the country. The soft side of your blog may help me pull in my rough edges.

  6. Love the inspirational blog and am reminded about how nice a simple cleansing of the earth when it rains renews our collective spirit. Thanks for visiting and LIKES.

  7. Nature, nature, nature.. it does what it does in accordance with universal energy, It renews itself, it can renew us. It takes raw materials and breaks them down into something else and this something else then gives us new energy and life. I feel so much better when I am out in nature and away from purely human things,

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