Instant Pain Relief

Fall Day

We always  begin our channeling sessions by “C” rubbing her finger or thumb on Scott’s hand to make contact with Mary.  His eyes are closed and he connects with Mary. . . usually a picture appears in his mind of what she wants to tell us.  This time when  I began rubbing Scott’s hand he at first felt of his aches and pains  of a late middle aged man. He has a few. (Ha. Ha.) Then he realized the pain was taken away by my touch, the more we connected through touch the more the pain subsided. Mary wants us to remember how beautiful and healing  the power of  touch is.

If anyone wants to go beyond simple touch I came across  (via the Collective Imagination Show) a free Ebook called Quantum-Touch—The Power To Heal by Richard Gordon.  Our  simple hands hold amazing powers!

And this is According To Mary!

6 thoughts on “Instant Pain Relief

  1. I think half the reason why reiki is so effective is because it’s touching with the specific intention to heal. Lovely post, I look forward to reading more of your blog. 🙂

    • Thank you Robin, I loved your Robert Fulghum quote about weirdness compatibility. I think it is so true, most of us don’t want to admit that we are a little off, yet when we find that certain someone who gets it, and even compliments the weirdness it makes love that much more worthwhile! Thank you so all the sharing that you do!

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