A Splash of Life

A Splash of Life

What does water represent to you?

Water is life.  Water represents the ebb and flow of life…it represents balance…it represents purity…it represents energy.  Without water there would be no life, or at least not the life that we know.  For those living in the Northern Hemisphere you may have recently experienced water in the form of snow…so many of us had the opportunity to shovel life:-)

In a recent message from Mary she wanted to remind us of the importance of water.  What it represents…how important it is and how fragile it can be.  Sometimes we take it for granted. For many of it seems to be all around us, and plentiful, but yet at the same time it is far from abundant. Think of the toxins that surround us and how easy it is for those toxins to enter our water supply. It kind of reminds me of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner “Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.”

So she wanted to remind us to take care of our water supply.  Look at our day to day habits.  Try to conserve what we have, try to reduce the chemicals and toxins we use that could easily seep into our water systems…the products we use to clean with…think about the things we pour down the drain…what are we throwing away that could leach into ground water…are we opting for convenience over environment…keep in mind how fragile the environment really is.  Love our water supply…love the earth…love each other.

…and this is according to Mary!

12 thoughts on “A Splash of Life

  1. Being a “water sign” I am very at home in water. In fact I often joke I am in the wrong body. Water is indeed cleansing, purifying and rejuvenating. I feel at peace afloat, weightless and surrounded by only the sound of waves. We do indeed need to care for the Earth and all of its gifts of life for we have been given stewardship of this living planet. Thank you.

    • Thank you for the comment dweezer. I too am a water sign and I completely relate to what you are saying…I am lucky enough to live close to the ocean and visit it as much as possible regardless of the weather conditions…It helps me feel connected, grounded and I find it very therapeutic!

  2. I love this message, especially saying our environment is ‘fragile.’ So true, and we have the ability to be more careful, if we try harder to make good choices, as far as water and other resources… Smiles, Robin

  3. I agree with being careful of what we put into the water and down our own drains. After suffering a hormone imbalance last year I learned so much about xenoestrogens and other estrogen sources such as people flushing unused hormone pills and the like down the toilet. It is important to be careful how to dispose of things that can be harmful to the environment in general or people. If it takes a trek to the pharmacy to let them dispose properly, then a good habit to get into.
    Thanks for the post.

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