Communicating Kitty

Saying Hello

One of our favorite topics from Mary is how the joy and energy of pets can raise your vibration. They just have such an amazing way of communicating with us on their own level, and for many of us it really speaks to our inner energy.  Pets are beautiful companions and make such great friends.  “C” always reminds me of how her own kitty was so very healing for her when she went through her separation.  Her kitty’s purring and snuggling up against her took her out of her negative energy and helped her heal both mentally as well as physically…her kitty really allowed her to just be and forget about her troubles.

A few years ago there was a stray kitty in the neighbourhood. “C’s” sister was visiting and started to feed the stray, who would often sit by the back door just waiting for something. “C” continued to feed him after her sister went home. At the time “C” was recovering from an injury so I found a mailing tube at work so she could feed the stray cat without too much effort…basically pouring the food down through the tube into a bowl. “C” felt horrible that she could not take the stray in, but she knew that her main priority was to continue to heal herself…taking care of her own kitty was about all she could handle at the time.

Luckily a neighbor took in the stray cat and he gave him a great home during his final years. He eventually passed because he had lots of ailments from living outside for most of his life. When “C” heard of his passing she felt so guilty about not doing more for him. Then one night the stray came to her a dream to say thank you for her kindness. This immediately made her feel so much better and not guilty anymore.

People and pets who have passed often can come to us in our dreams. I have heard so many stories over the years. I think you just have to be open to this happening…and it might.

And this is according to Mary!


19 thoughts on “Communicating Kitty

  1. This is very touching. I recently acquired a kitten who wasn’t faring well with the older cats in my neighbours’ house. Having never had a pet before everyday is a learning curve but it is the same for the kitten by comparison! I do enjoy the looks he gives sometimes and he is learning to respect gravity (clumsy little fellow).

    Cats are amazing.

  2. What a beautiful story! I had to put my dog to sleep and afterwards she visited me a couple of times in dreams. I thought it was just my imagination. Maybe she really was visiting me, letting me know she was ok. I’d like to think so.

  3. I enjoyed this post as always! You have a gift for making me think and be calm in spirit. I think that animals can make us happy just by being with us. I think it is great that you believe we can have dreams with meaning, possibly messages from our loved ones. I do, too! Thanks for this! Robin

  4. So true..they’re still around us. When my cat Angel had a tumor, my dog, who also had a tumor and passed away when she was almost 18 years, came to me and standing next to me and showed me her tumor, so that I knew my Angel had a tumor. Pawkiss 🙂

  5. hello earthchanges its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for yore kind wurds after my brother tucker the other vizsla dogs passing!!! i herd my dada tel my mama that a fyoo days before tucker went over the rainbo bridj he had dreemd that both of my kitty sisters trouble and pooh bear had come bak frum the bridj to visit us maybe that wuz their way of telling him that they noo tucker wood be koming to join them and that they wood mayk shoor to lukk after him their!!! ok bye

  6. I tried to find a post that I had not checked out recently! I happen to enjoy your posts, and am pretty much all caught up here! Thank you for liking my posts, my friend! Smiles, Robin

  7. I love to hear pets who communicate with us in dreams and other ways after their passing. I am hoping to write a blog post on this topic myself next week.

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