Are we being Snowed?

Covered in ice

Many of us have kind hearts.  We see events that happen around the world…or there are causes near and dear to our hearts because love ones have been effected or impacted in one way or the other.  Most of us can quickly name a charity, or a relief effort without too much thought.  Helping, caring and loving are all part of who we are…so we like to give…it makes us feel good…it makes us feel like we are making a difference…this is a good thing.

In a recent message from Mary she wanted us to think about the way we help and who we help…she wanted us to do some research…there are organizations out here that on the outside look amazing, but on the inside are finely tuned business units with the mission statement of helping others, but with the business practices of helping themselves first.  CEO’s of many of these charities are making six figure salaries and living in the lap of luxury, meanwhile only pennies of each dollar raised will actually go to the individuals who really need the funds.

I’m sure we have all heard the stories of major fundraising after a major natural disaster, or incident, only to find out that a year or more later the funds still haven’t made it to the people in need, yet the people in control are still being paid and still spinning the wheels of progress…or the money has simply been diverted.

So when it comes to charity, do you homework, if you are digging deep into your pocket make sure you are digging deep into the background of the agency who you are entrusting with your love, care and kindness.  Here are a few supporting links:


…and this is according to Mary

8 thoughts on “Are we being Snowed?

  1. Thank you for relating that important message, and for the lovely photo 😉 UMCOR, through the United Methodist church, delivers over 95% of donations to the actual people in need, the last time I checked the stats. They are very quiet about it, never on TV, but have been extremely effective in the past when helping those in need. Blessings to you, WG

  2. thank you for this. I discovered that the Kid’s Wish Network is the worst one! And I’ve given several times over the years. What bothers me more than the fact I wasted my own money is that the children that really needed hardly got anything!

    • It’s so sad isn’t it Linda. You feel like you are doing something good and in your mind you are helping that child in need, only to find out that they are really being exploited.

  3. Research is so important in jobs, volunteering and donating! There are wonderful projects which give almost every penny to what they promise to be the benefit. I love Habitat for Humanity, and locally we have People In Need, (Our church gathers can goods, paper products and personal items monthly in a basket to go to P.I.N.) Great post! Robin

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