What’s going through your mind?

Missing Summer

We all have things on our mind. Some days are better than others…we have less concerns, we have less to dwell on…but other days can be overwhelming…we can get bogged down with our troubles…our troubles can easily compound and multiply in our minds…taking over…consuming our thought processes to the point we are living in that one place…it could be fear…it could be pain …it could be depression. This can be very stressful.

Mary wanted to remind us that we need to pull our hearts into this process…let your heart share the burden and help you work though your problems…go to the heart for comfort…go to your heart for clarity…use your heart to communicate…use your heart to reconnect with those who are important to you…your friends…your loved ones…the important people and things in your life…this will help dilute your pain…it will help you find solutions or coping strategies…it will help put things in perspective and give you some peace of mind back…use the love in your heart to help you heal and help connect with others.

…and this is according to Mary

15 thoughts on “What’s going through your mind?

  1. I asked Universe to guide me to an good and intresting blog..and I´m sure there was a meaning that I found yours:-) Beautifully written about the Heart..according to Mary
    So true..The Heart is our best teacher I think..
    Thank´s, I´m so grateful for the opportunity to read this..

  2. I liked the way you share Mary Magdalene’s messages, by following not just our minds but our hearts, too. Our intuition can be God’s whispers to our minds. Without realizing it, we have Him in us every day, giving us ways to follow. Mary’s messages are God’s in my belief’s. She is the passer of messages.

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