The Gifts of Nature

A New Friend

A New Friend

It’s been a long winter for many of us.  We know spring is right around the corner, but the signs of spring still seem few and far between…but Mary wanted to remind us that nature is not seasonal.  It’s there year round and each season brings its own rewards in terms of beauty and wonder.

Recently “C” and I were out for a walk.  We bundled up (although we wished we didn’t have to bundle up) and headed to one of our favorite ocean views…we expected to see the beauty of the ocean, hear the sound of the waves…the smell of the salt sea air…see a seagull here and there…it turns out we were rewarded with an unexpected visitor…mother nature was kind enough to introduce us to a chance encounter with a snowy owl.

…Mary wanted to remind us that such introductions happen all of the time and the more we get out and connect with nature the more often we will experience such amazing gifts.  So, take your friends, take your loved ones…take yourself…enjoy what nature has to offer year round!!! Enjoy the healing properties of the great outdoors!!!

…and this is according to Mary!!!

Our Fall Friend

Our Fall Friend


22 thoughts on “The Gifts of Nature

  1. Hi – Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my poem. This is a lovely photo. Yes, this long cold Winter in the Great White North has made me long for Spring and the changing of the seasons. Thanks for the gentle reminder about the amazing beauty and wonders of nature.

  2. Great picture of this beauty. I think this is the type of owl in J.K. Rowling’s series. It is a magnificent bird, and it’s always such a treat whenever you see any type of owl as they’re always so well hidden.

  3. I know that this is irrelevant to your post, but could you please pray for my aunt and uncle? They just lost their 5 year old son with complications during his heart surgery. It was on his birthday. They are struggling, but it would mean so much if you could pray for them, so maybe God could bring peace to their hearts and let them know that Adam is in a better place now.
    Thank you so much.

  4. Having a bird’s name, I love the snowy owl and other birds in nature photos. I think they may be our ‘guardian angels.’ Thanks for this to get me thinking about my Grandfather Mattson, who used to sing me a song about a robin. This was a blessing, just spurred on a memory! Thank you and have a wonderful weekend! Robin

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