Take a Look Around

Snowy Owl
What do you see? Think big picture here. In a recent message from Mary she did just that. She showed me images of this great planet of ours. She showed me beautiful mountains….she showed me majestic forests…she showed me babbling brooks, calm lakes, and the spender of our oceans….she showed me images many animal who we share the land, water and air with. She showed me creatures that live in our forests…on the open plains…in our lakes, river, seas and oceans…as they fly though our skies and perch in our trees.

She wanted to remind us that we live in a fragile world…that we are in partnership with other living creatures…yet at the same time we have the biggest impact. There’s not much that our terrestrial roommates can do when we make a mess of the place…so it’s up to us to keep our earth neat and tidy…clean…free of toxins and pollutants.

Mary wanted to remind us to do what we can to reduce, reuse, recycle…or do without…at least put some thought into what we use, what we eat, and what we clean with…find natural alternatives …do some research maybe…you’ll feel better about yourself, your planets, and you’ll feel good about how you helped out your neighbours…even if they are not human!

…and this is according to Mary!

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18 thoughts on “Take a Look Around

  1. I am so glad for this message to take care of the Gifts that we have received from God above. I will continue to post about green messages, recycling and reducing usage of product containers. You wrote a beautiful message about our world we live in! Thanks for this one!

  2. Nature gives so much and asks so little. In gratitude and love, we simply make daily choices to heal the earth.

    • Replant is a great one!!! We forgot about replant. Actually last weekend I spent the entire two days mixing up a wonderful compost tea and spaying it all over the lawn and garden. At the end of it I felt I had done something wonderful for the earth and plants:-) Thank you for sharing Invisible Gardener!!!

  3. Loved your prose about Mary Magdalene and your site is lovely. I have read many books on MM and would ask you, how long have you been hearing from her. Why not Mary the mother of Jesus? I am truly interested in knowing. Sometimes I hear the still small voice of God when I need Him the most. As my husband of 37 years died four months ago, I know He is with me always and that sweet Jesus holds my husband in His arms.

    • I guess it’s been about a year and half by now. It’s hard to say. I suspect it has to do with Mary’s messages about the earth and nature, plus I don’t think we get to pick and choose who we hear from. Peace be with you!

  4. What a beautiful message. I love Mary Magdalen and like yourselves, I too am on a spiritual mission. One way I achieve this is through my blog. By showcasing Gaia’s (Earth’s) beauty I hope to raise consciousness toward our need to cherish and care for her.

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