Here Comes the Sun

Embrace the Sun

Embrace the Sun


I hope it’s a beautiful day where you are. It is here. The sun is out, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and so are you…some of you might remember those lyrics depending on your generation Our plan for this weekend is to just go out and embrace the sun…just soak it up…the sun light…maybe even the moonlight (actually I’m not even 100% sure where we are in the moon cycle…it’s been such a crazy and busy few months). We are just going to draw on the energy of the sun and heal ourselves with its warmth.
…anyway Mary wanted to remind us of how important it is to draw energy from the sun. How important it is to get out there and recharge your batteries….clear your head…refocus where you are right now…take the time…take the moment…draw on that energy and let it wash over you…let it ignite your passions….let it wash away the crazy and fill your heart with peace and love…reconnect with the sun and the moon and all the nature in between…connect with the earth, the stars and the sun…use it to heal and use it to guide you…love your life, love yourself…the beauty that is you!!!
…and this is according to Mary!!!

5 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun

    • Thank you Linda. That means a lot especially coming from an avid photographer such as yourself:-) We just started taking photos with a half decent camera in the last year or so…so there’s still lots to learn and try.

  1. I don’t have any sun here. I’m so tired. I just read something about Judas Iscariot being the strongest disciple to lead the church after Christ. It wearies me to the bone, this patriarchy. I try to listen for Mary’s voice all the time but sometimes I think this nonsense drowns her out…but then I feel that I’m not being honest or fair if I don’t weigh all the arguments. How can you say to someone, I felt Mary Magdalene in my heart, when they think her a prostitute and the only Christian enlightenment experience is through Christ? Can I not say that finally felt that enlightenment through Mary and I find it disturbing and bizarre the lengths that the patriarchy will go to, to deny Her? I’m sick in body and heart.

    • Hi Robin. I understand the tiredness and the darkness. My only advice is to start small. Look for the little things that bring you happiness. Do your best to embrace nature and use it to heal your body and heart. Take small steps. Embrace small moments. Love yourself.

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