Do you know where you’re going to?

Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the Journey

Some of you might remember those lyrics from a Dianna Ross song back in the 70’s….but Mary wanted to remind us that we are on a journey.  She likened our journey to taking a train.  Sure a plane will get you there quicker, but where’s the fun in that:-)

The message was not suggesting that we travel by train all of the time, but it was meant to remind us to embrace the journey and learn from it.  Think about the things that you would benefit from travelling by train.  Think of the experience…the view…the time to reflect…the conversations you could have with loved ones or friends…sure the trip would take a bit longer, but there would be a calmness to the journey.  You would have time with yourself…you would have time to think…you would have time to learn and grow.

So as we travel through life, don’t forget to take this reflective time…think about your journey…embrace what you have learned…and apply it…you are on this trip for a reason….it’s not just the destination…it’s about getting there.

…and this is according to Mary!

7 thoughts on “Do you know where you’re going to?

  1. I love how music takes us places, literally, in our minds! I also feel that our Spirit can be moved, as yours is to impart some special messages. This is all about the journey and how we proceed on our paths. I loved this message and for me, reading it on Sunday, made it particularly meaningful! Smiles, Robin

    • Thank you Robin. I think it is so important to embrace the journey and learn from experience. I see so many people today filling each and every moment with activities that I fear they are not stepping back and taking it all in. And yes music is so very powerful…it really can be the soundtrack of our lives:-)

      • I do agree, sometimes we need to be still and listen to God, you have a great way of expressing this. “Embrace the journey.” “Learn from experience.” These, along with the photographs you so carefully choose for your posts could become posters!
        I also am smiling at the words, “soundtrack of our lives,” since Dianna Ross really did give us some great music, that got me thinking about the times I felt her within my teenager self. Very powerful, along with many of the songs, which asked questions like “Do you know the way to San Jose?” Smiles, Robin

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