Our Loving Companions



Mary communicated once again the joy   of having pets as loving companions.  The purr of a kitty when you have had a bad  day,  a walk on the beach with your dog or  watching a new puppy or kitten play themselves to sleep—all joys of having pets. Mary wants us to love and appreciate these creatures of Mother Nature. They are her creation for us to enjoy and love. They have a beautiful  energy of their own and raise the vibration of your home.  Raising our vibration creates a happier home. Just try it and you will experience the joy too!

And this is According to Mary.

10 thoughts on “Our Loving Companions

  1. I don’t have pets in my house, but I do get pleasure from watching the deer and the birds outside. It’s nice to watch the babies as they grow, which happens too quickly. I adore cats, but circumstances permit me from having one. Lovely blog.

  2. My little rescue dog, Bailey (named after George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life) came to us at Christmas three years ago. I’m sure he was a gift from heaven….as are the hummingbirds, jays, robins, ravens, sparrows, owls, bats, and meandering neighborhood cats that frequent our yard.

  3. A lovely affirmation of the joys of companion animals – so seldom acknowledged in traditional churches. Thank you for following my blog and introducing me to these messages from Mary.

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